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Lesson 1

Το Ελληνικό Αλφάβητο - The Greek Alphabet

   You are looking at the first Greek grammar lesson "the Greek Alphabet".
Make sure you learn the sound of each letter and learn how to write it. We have included audio of the name of the letter and an example of a Greek word to avoid any confusion among regional accents (i.e. English, American, Australian...).
When you think you've mastered it, go ahead and click the link for Lesson 2, which will teach you the double letters.

The Greek alphabet has 24 letters:

Table 1.1
Capital Small Name & Greek Word / Example Audio English Sound
Α α άλφα = alpha or alfa Άννα Play Sound Like a in father
Β β βήτα = veta βάρκα Play Sound Like v in Victor
Γ γ γάμα = gama γάτα Play Sound Like y in yes or like the w in wad
Δ δ δέλτα = thelta δώρο Play Sound Like th in this
Ε ε έψιλον = epselon εγώ Play Sound Like e in bet
Ζ ζ ζήτα = zeta ζωή Play Sound Like z in zebra
Η η ήτα = eta ήλιος Play Sound Like ee in beet
Θ θ θήτα = theta θάλασσα Play Sound Like th in think
Ι ι γιώτα = yota ιστός Play Sound Like ee in beet
Κ κ κάπα = kapa καλός Play Sound Like c in car
Λ λ λάμδα = lamtha* λουλούδι Play Sound Like l in lemon
Μ μ μι = me μαμά Play Sound Like m in mother
Ν ν νι = ne ναι Play Sound Like n in no
Ξ ξ ξι = xe ξύλο Play Sound Like x in ax
Ο ο όμικρον = omekron όλος Play Sound Like o in only
Π π πι = pe πάγος Play Sound Like p in poor
Ρ ρ ρο = ro ρολόι Play Sound Like r in rain
Σ σ,ς** σίγμα = segma*** σαπούνι Play Sound Like s in see
Τ τ ταυ = taf τώρα Play Sound Like t in top
Υ υ ύψιλον = eepselon ύπνος Play Sound Like ee in beet
Φ φ φι = fe φωτιά Play Sound Like f in Frank
Χ χ χι = he χήνα Play Sound Like h in hair
Ψ ψ ψι = pse ψάρι Play Sound Like ps in lips
Ω ω ωμέγα = omega ώρα Play Sound Like o in only

* the th like the "th" in this.
** the "σ" is used at the beginning or in the middle of the words, the "ς" only at the end.
*** The g like y in yes or like the w in wad

To see how you write each letter of the Greek alphabet go to Phrases and more directory. In the first 8 lessons for beginners, we have included images of Greek letters that might help you master writting them.

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