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Lesson Plans

Please read these instructions carefully.

I Learn Greek has devised an outline to help you study Greek using an easy to follow Lesson Plan. We have divided the site into three sections: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced; for those that wish to seriously study the language.

Greek Grammar LessonsLesson 1 - Lesson 9
Phrases and More Beginners, Beginners 1, Beginners 2
DialoguesSentences & Phrases 1 Beginners

Greek Grammar LessonsLesson 10 - Lesson 27
Grammar ExtrasGeneral (chapter 1 - chapter 9)
Phrases and More Intermediate
Dialogues Sentences & Phrases 2 - Intermediate
The Way We SpeakChapter 1

Greek Grammar LessonsLesson 28 - Lesson 39
Grammar ExtrasGeneral (chapter 10 and chapter 11. Study Verb Conjugation)
Greek Mythology Use as reading book. Mythology is in English and Greek
DialoguesAdvanced: Dialogues, Expressions, Compound Words and More
The Way We SpeakChapter 2 - Chapter 9

Attention! Must Read

  Practice makes perfect! After you finish a few lessons in Dialogues or Phrases and More try mixing and matching phrases. For example:

Phrase 1:"ο Ηρακλής ήταν ένας ήρωας (Hercules was a hero)"
Phrase 2: "ο θείος μου είναι καλός (my uncle is good)"
New Phrase: "ο θείος μου είναι ήρωας (my uncle is a hero)"

  The Vocabulary and Grammar Extras Directories should be utilized at any time during your studies to learn either a specific group of Greek words, more grammar or examples of conjugated verbs.

  Corresponding Tests should be taking with each completed lesson. Vocabulary quizzes are a fun way to quiz yourself on simple words or learn new words while playing word scramble.

For Kids

For pre-school children, I Learn Greek.com just introduced Greek for Kids "Greek for Kids" has online Flash Cards to help children learn the basic Greek words and some arcade style flash games! We have added interactive quizzes (parent help is required) to make it more interesting.
The parents should help their pre-school children to login to the site. After that, everything is pretty easy for a child that knows how to handle the mouse. Also, for older kids check out our puzzles at word games

   This web site is kid safe. No bad words are used in our vocabulary. An older child should start with Greek vocabulary and word games as long as he/she can read English.
   We recommend that you start the children with regular grammar lessons after they finish the first grade in their Regular School. Parents should guide and explain to their children the lessons. We recommend starting them with simple grammar (alphabet, double letters, nouns) and vocabulary (animals, colors shapes) at the same time.
   When they reach the complicated sections of the grammar (verbs, conjugation etc) the parents should help them keep it simple. Greek parents should use this web site without stopping their church school program.

Casual Users

Users that want to learn a few words or sentences to communicate with Greek friends, click on the Dialogues Directory, Phrases and More or the Vocabulary Directory to learn what you are looking for. We have also included a lot of other information in this web site. Check our mythology and our customs and traditions.

   This is not a web site that will teach you Greek in a few hours! We can not guarantee that you will learn the Greek language perfectly. The learning process is a very complicated and lengthy one.  You need to study. Do not expect to remember words and grammar rules if you do not use them. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Thank you for your support

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