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Learn how to speak modern Greek with the largest and most comprehensive online course for the modern Greek language. Great for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Our Greek lessons provide you with everything you need to master greek grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. All it takes is just a few minutes of your day!

You can study anywhere in the world, on any device. Each lesson is designed to be easy to follow, so you can learn the Greek language in no time! Our simplified grammar, Greek words, phrases, dialogues, games, and quizzes are tailored to your learning needs.

Going on a trip to Greece or planning your next trip? With our Dialogues Directory you can learn to use verbs, emergency phrases, food ordering, and much more. With a little effort you will be able to communicate with the locals quickly.
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Start with our free lessons now, or get a subscription for full access to the website.
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Why subscribe?
  • Our focus is the Greek language. We do not teach any other language.
  • It is affordable! You can learn modern Greek with just pennies per day!
  • No recurring billing. You decide when to pay.
  • There is no time restriction. Study for 10 minutes or hours!
  • There is no expensive software to install.
  • Access it from almost any device.
  • Our lessons are designed to help you start speaking the language quickly!
  • Huge collection of words, phrases and dialogues, quizzes, games, all with audio.
  • Enjoy our "online Greek school" in "Phrases and More". Great for kids and adults alike!
  • Have fun with hangman, memory games, quizzes and online learning cards in "Greek for Kids".
  • Slower paced audio gives you time to process and learn Greek with ease.
  • Search for a specific word with our online dictionary. If you did not find it, contact us and we'll enter it!
  • Follow our "Lesson Plans" or make your own! Study what you want when you want!
Don't be intimidated, it's easy to learn Greek with our step-by-step approach.
Begin with the Greek alphabet and slowly move onto grammar lessons and building your vocabulary. Our "Dialogues" and "Phrases & More" sections are perfect for practicing simple phrases. With a little effort, you will learn to speak Greek almost immediately!

For the younger crowd, check out our "Kids Center" directory and enjoy learning in a fun way.
Please note that our Phrases and more section is specifically made for kids and also for complete beginners! It is your online Greek school!

That is not all! There are a lot more things you can do or learn!
Are you interested in Greek mythology or customs and traditions? We have it all, and most of it is free!

You will have access to all pages at all times. We do not restrict access to lessons until the current lesson is completed.

We are working hard to make it easy for you to learn the modern Greek language!
When it comes to Greek, we've got the complete package. So, don't wait! Subscribe now and and start learning today.

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